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  • Kathryn Barns

The Value of Adding Pre or Post-Cruise Extensions to Your Cruise

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Going on a cruise? Why don’t you consider adding on another day or two pre or post-cruise to experience even more than you originally had planned? Seeing as you will already be somewhere new, there’s no reason not to take full advantage of it by extending your trip. In fact, the benefits are outstanding and it is highly unlikely that you’ll regret the decision to extend the cruise a bit longer. Curious about the advantages and value of adding on at least another day? Well, we’re here to inform you of the benefits.

The Advantages of Pre and Post-Cruise Extensions

Flying out a day early to stay near the cruise ship will help you feel less rushed and more relaxed on the day of boarding. Staying near the cruise ship the day before it is due to take off also guarantees that you will make it in time to board the vessel even if you come across flight delays or other unforeseen obstacles. Just think of how many times you nearly missed a flight. Trying to get on a cruise ship before it deports is very similar and no one ever enjoys rushing to make it onboard.

Aside from the luxury of being prepared when the time comes to board the ship, you’ll have a little time to yourself before your big adventure aboard the water vessel. So, why not start the adventure early? After you get checked into your hotel room near the port, check out some of the scenery and town that you’re currently in. It’s probably all new to you and what better way to spend your evening before the ship takes off than by strolling around the unfamiliar territory, meeting new people, and trying new authentic foods.

Taking a day to recoup after the cruise adventures have ended is also very beneficial. Of course, there is the obvious reason of not having to rush to catch your flight home but it will also give you time to receive one final spa treatment or to eat one last breakfast before you leave the cruise ship in a hurry. Then, you’ll have another day and night to spend leisurely before you get back home to your daily endeavors and routines.

To learn more about the advantages of booking one or two days to enjoy pre or post-cruise time to yourself or if you wish to schedule your next cruise, contact us at any time. We can’t wait to create the perfect itinerary for your next cruise line getaway!


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