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  • Kathryn Barns

Myths About Cruising

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Don’t pay mind to the nay-sayers and their opinions on cruising. You could potentially miss out on one of the most memorable getaways you’ll ever have by listening to the myths regarding cruise ship vacations. Honestly, cruising is perhaps one of the greatest ways to travel! So, we’re here to bust all the myths you may or may not have heard about. We hope after reading this you’ll nevermind the negativity others (who have probably never taken a cruise) have to bring forth and instead, start looking forward to booking your next cruise vacation.

Myth #1- It’s much too expensive.

The value of going on a cruise far surpasses what you’d otherwise spend to see all of the same destinations. Because a cruise ship often does coastal or riverside tours of different destinations, it is hard to beat the cost. You’ll pay one overall total to experience several places and last but not least, most cruise lines are all-inclusive.

Myth #2- Cruise ships are too crowded.

Not all cruise ships are the same in size or can hold the same amount of passengers. You’ll

notice while some cruise lines can take up to 100 passengers at a time, others can hold thousands of guests at once. However, every ship is accommodating to their guests, ensuring that there is plenty of public space for all to roam while aboard and that every guest has a cabin to sleep in at night.

Myth #3- Cruise vacations are for senior citizens.

This might be the biggest misconception. While cruise lines are accommodating to senior

citizens, they are accommodating to all ages just the same. In actuality, the average age of a

cruiser is 47 years old, and more and more people are taking advantage of this amazing way to travel.

Myth #4- There’s nothing exciting about cruising.

Cruise ships these days are really amping up their game. There’s almost no possible way to get bored even during those times when you can’t leave the ship. From ziplining to spa treatments, people watching to taking cooking classes, there will be plenty of activities, events, and fun aboard the ship at all times. It all truly depends on what cruise line you choose to book with.

Myth #5- Don’t be surprised by the weight gain.

Because cruise ships are all-inclusive and often include buffets and meals prepared by renowned chefs, it is often insinuated that cruisers gain weight while aboard. However, these vessels usually include 24/7 gym facilities, yoga classes, jogging tracks, and more. Not to mention, on the days you spend off the ship, you’ll likely be hiking and partaking in other physical activities.

Myth #6- The ships are too confining.

Of course, there’s no denying that you will be confined to the ship while it’s sailing but these

vessels often include more than enough space for the number of passengers they’re able to board. Besides, the ship will dock at several destinations where you’ll have plenty of time to be on your feet, exploring and engaging in whatever outdoor fun there is to be had.

Myth #7- You’ll end up seasick.

Unless the waters are rough, it is unlikely that the ship will ever make you seasick. These days, most cruise ships have stabilizers that keep it sailing smooth. Nonetheless, the middle of the deck is the most stable of any ship so if you’re liable to seasickness, try to book your cabin in that area.

Now that we have debunked the most common myths about cruising, contact us to start planning your next cruise ship adventure! You’ll find that it’s possible to debunk these myths personally after you’ve finally experienced cruising.



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