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10 Travel Gadgets We Love!


Steamfast Mini Steam Iron with Dual Voltage

 Why we love it: Let’s face it - no matter how well we pack, there are always clothes that need to be refreshed when we arrive. This steam mini iron is super compact, ready to go in 15 seconds, has a single touch steam control, 3 temperatures for all fabrics, and can switch between 100 and 240 volts to use anywhere you travel. Make sure you look fabulous for that special dinner or your excursions with Steamfast!

Quip Electric Toothbrush

 Why we love it: I have a major name brand electric toothbrush that I love. But when I travel, it takes up to 1/3 of my husband’s Dopp bag and a manual toothbrush is NOT an option. The solution – the Quip electric toothbrush. It’s compact and provides the clean that I’ve come to expect from an electric brush and comes with a travel cover/mirror mount. There are multiple ordering options for singles and couples, color choices and even kid choices. Quip even has a subscription that will automatically send you replacement toothpaste, brush head, and battery every 3 months so your Quip is always ready to travel when you are! Get your Quip before your next trip!


CGEAR Sand Free Mat

 Why we love it: I love the beach - the water, warm temperature, and relaxing with a great book or a drink. But I hate the sand that seems to get into your shoes, your clothes, your towels and anywhere else you don’t want SAND!  To help keep the sand on the beach where it belongs, CGEAR provides the solution - the sand free mat! Originally designed for the military, this ultra-durable mat allows for sand, dirt and dust to fall through without coming back up. Even better, its designed to dry quickly, and resists water, mold, and UV damage. It even comes with D-rings to stake it down (and keep it) exactly where you want it. Choice of color and 4 sizes to select from. Get CGEAR and keep the sand where it belongs – on the ground!

Spectacles V2 HD Camera Sunglasses

 Why we love it: What do you remember the most about your vacations? For me, it’s the moments – jumping into the Emerald Pool on Dominica, running with the bulls in Pamplona, or ziplining over the jungles of Costa Rica.  We want to be able to relive and share these memories just like it happened. Sometimes you may not have your camera, or you can’t get to your smartphone quickly enough to capture that moment. With these water- resistant spectacles, you can wear your camera and take HD photos and videos for up to 30 seconds. You can share those photos and videos via Snapchat or to your phone photo gallery in circle, square, or 4:3 formats. Includes carrying/charging case. Multiple styles and colors to fit your personality. Always be ready to capture the moment with Spectacles!


Skyroam Solis

  Why we love it: Truth – The Internet is essential to our daily lives. Whether we shop, bank, communicate, learn, or just watch our favorite dog videos, having access is to the Internet is essential wherever we are. When your trips take you to locations when your smartphone or laptop can’t connect to the local telecom without expensive roaming charges and you don’t want to purchase a separate phone or SIM card for a single trip, Skyroam has the answer. You can rent or purchase the Solis mobile hotspot which can be used worldwide in 130+ countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia. 4G capable, it also serves as a power bank to keep your portable devices charged. Unlimited data for $9 / day and up to 5 devices can be connected at one time. When you’re on the go, make sure you stay connected with Skyroam!

Micro Lazy Luggage

 Why we love it: If you have small kids and only 2 hands, this luggage is an absolute miracle. While it’s a great carry-on luggage all on its own, it can convert to a stroller where your child (18+ months / up to 44 lbs.) can ride on a built-in seat and lets you keep one hand free while moving between locations or through the airport. Swiss engineered, and with almost 1100 cubic inches of storage space and many internal pockets for organization, the Micro Lazy Luggage works hard so you don’t have to! Also, for adults, check out the Micro Luggage 3.0. This carry on converts to a scooter to make a fast transit between connection gates at the airport or wherever you need to cover the distance rapidly. Stay on the move quickly and easily with Micro!

Lazy Luggage.jpg

GoTenna Mesh Network

 Why we love it: Image this: You’re travelling together with friends or family, and you each have different plans to spend the day. There’s no cell service or Wi-Fi where you are, but you still want to stay in touch with everyone in your group. How can you do that? GoTenna delivers a unique solution – the GoTenna Mesh Network. How it works: Each GoTenna traveler pairs a small lightweight mesh network device to their smartphone.  You can connect directly from one device to another up to 4 miles without cell towers, satellites or phone service. With that connection you can send text messages and GPS locations using your smartphone with the GoTenna app. The range can be extended even further if your GoTenna finds other GoTenna devices in range. The more GoTenna users in range, the further your connection can extend, even if you don’t know those users. GoTenna securely encrypts your data and lets you control who can send / receive messages and GPS locations to your device. Go far, but stay close with GoTenna!

LumiLux Toilet Light

 Why we love it: OK, I need you to stay with me here. You’re probably thinking “A toilet light for travel?!” and maybe a few other choice thoughts. Think about it this way: When you stay overnight at a resort or on a ship, your room layout is different than at home. Sometimes your bathroom is actually in your bedroom! (Yes, feel free to Google that.) When hubby and I travel together, and he needs to get up during the night, he heads to the bathroom and the LumiLux lights the way – so he doesn’t need to turn on the bathroom light and wake me up! The LumiLux senses your motion and lights up automatically so you can easily find your way. When you leave, it automatically shuts off. 16 colors and 5 brightness settings are available. During the daytime or if the bathroom light is already on, it won’t light up to save the batteries. Get a LumiLux for travel and another one for home to light your way at night!

Toilet Light.jpg
Lens Kit

Crenova Phone Camera Lens Kit

 Why we love it:  I’m a travel expert and I love to travel. That’s my passion. And while I want to remember the moments as I travel, I’m not an expert photographer. So, like most of us, I use my cell phone to capture the pictures and videos of the memories. But sometimes I want to get a photo that goes beyond the capabilities of my phone camera – and that’s where Crenova comes in. This set of clip on camera lenses allows you to expand the capability of your smartphone camera lens to get just the shot you’re looking for. Included is a lens for 128 degree wide angle shots and a 20X macro lens for up close and incredible detail. The lenses quickly and easily clip on over your smartphone camera lens, and you use the smartphone as you always do with the new lens capability. You don’t have to be a pro photographer to take pictures like one with Crenova!

Universal Travel Power Adapter

 Why we love it: Let’s speak truth about power – simply put, when you travel you need it for all the devices you carry to help you get through the day. And you need power no matter where you find yourself in the world. This Universal Power Travel Adapter helps you meet that need. Carry this on your trip, and keep all of your low-watt / dual voltage devices like your laptop and cellphone charged and ready to go. This adapter will work with power plugs in 130+ countries in the US, UK, Europe and Australia. Built-in safety shutters and fuse keep you and your devices protected. (Not for use with single voltage or high-watt devices like hair dryers.)  Always be charged and ready with the Universal Power Travel Adaptor!



ThermaCELL Proflex Heated Insoles

 Why we love it: Some of our best memories come from trips to locations where the weather can be a bit extreme – think Antarctica or Alaska. To help with the cold that is a natural part of locations like these, we always make sure to bring ThermaCELL along. The ThermaCELL Proflex Heated Insoles fit easily into your shoes or boots, are powered by a rechargeable battery, and even have a remote that lets you select the level of warmth you want for your feet. So, if you find yourself among the penguins or hiking the glacier on your next trip, have the ThermaCELL to keep your feet ‘fireside’ warm and toasty!

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